Organic products nowadays are very potential to be developed because of the increasing demand from consumers around the world on safe food which are free from agrochemicals, such as fertilizers and chemical. Demand for organic products mainly comes from countries in the western of Europe, in the northern America, in the East Asia. Besides promoting health for human and the environment, organic farming can also increase income for farmers due to the higher price of organic products compared to ordinary agricultural products. The growing market share of organic products in the world is a great opportunity for agricultural producers to shift its agriculture from conventional to organic systems. This article is written based on the PSDR-LIPI research about sustainable agriculture in Vietnam in 2013, coupled with current news on Vietnam’s organic farming today. The research result shows that the opportunity to reach a large organic market has not been caught by the agricultural producer countries, such as Vietnam. Until now, organic agriculture in Vietnam has not developed rapidly, although it has spread in some provinces. The slow growth of organic agriculture is as the consequence of several things, such as the orientation of agricultural development which emphasizes more on quantity and not quality, lack of legal framework, and complicated and high investment costs for developing organic farming.

Keywords: #organicfarming, #organicmarket, #legalframework, #highinvestment, #agriculture.

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